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Experience praying as a whole and embodied person. Prayer can be so much more than a mental activity. In corporate worship, people stand, sit, and kneel because these various actions align the body with the mind and heart. But there are many more postures available to us than just standing and sitting and kneeling.


The postures of yoga are one way to open yourself to a fresh and powerful experience of the physicality of prayer. You will learn a range of different postures and how to link them into a harmonious flow that gives holistic expression to classic prayers and psalms set to music. You will also learn a method for meditation drawn from the Christian tradition.

The more we learn to pray as a whole person, the more meaningful prayer becomes, and the more it can serve as an instrument of transformation in our lives. 


Fr. Tom Ryan is a certified yoga instructor and author of 17 books on the spiritual life, including Prayer of Heart and Body; Reclaiming the Body in Christian Spirituality; and Praying by Hand, Praying with Beads.

No experience necessary. Whether you want to deepen your practice or if you’re new to the practices of Christian meditation and yoga, Fr Ryan provides space and tools for all.

March 28, 2020, 10:30-4:45

$85 Single Participant; $150 Two Participants

Vegetarian lunch is included