Yoga is an ancient discipline that helps one to achieve improved physical and mental health. Come and experience some of the life-enhancing benefits of yoga practice, and restore a sense of balance throughout both body and mind!

*New $5 drop-in class, just though Oct. 27- Yoga Flow with LeaAnne on Mondays. Sign up online and register as unpaid, then pay at the door with cash or check.
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Welcome to White Swan Yoga Studio!

Conveniently located in Manchester's North End, White Swan Yoga provides a quiet and peaceful environment for the study and practice of yoga. Our studio offers a variety of Hatha Yoga classes, from gentle and prenatal to more advanced classes, making it suitable for people of all ages and physical ability. The studio provides a clean, comfortable space for yoga practice, with small class sizes and individual attention.

White Swan Yoga Studio offers classical Hatha Yoga classes, meditation classes, and workshops. Come and experience all that yoga and White Swan Yoga Studio have to offer, and leave feeling more peaceful, healthier, and refreshed!