Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (PRYT) is a one-on-one process lasting about an hour. Through assisted yoga postures, hands-on and hand off postures, exercises, and a non-directive verbal process, our yoga therapist, Swetha Kannan,  guides her clients to experience themselves more fully in mind and body. Yoga therapy uses focused awareness, breath work, and mindful relaxation practices to foster release, personal growth, and healing.

Why would you want a Therapy session?

Anyone can benefit from PRYT sessions given that the client is open to engaging a “process” rather than receiving a “fix”. Some of the conditions that therapy may help with: 

  • grief recovery
  • trauma recovery
  • prenatal/postnatal wellness
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • low energy
  • unmanageable stress
  • aging
  • negative body image
  • unspecified pain
  • a desire for self-understanding
  • loss of spiritual connection in daily life
Engaging in the process has helped Swetha handle her personal grief with grace.

If interested, schedule an appointment at Calendly or, if none of those slots work for you, email Swetha directly at

What: Yoga therapy sessions

Where: White Swan Yoga Studio, Manchester, NH

Fee: $90/session. Sliding scale of $35-$65/session for senior citizens

Current promotions:

You get your first session with me for half the rate

Recommend a friend and get 50% your session after your friend takes their first session. If you recommend two friends, you will get two sessions at 50% off and so on…

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