Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (PRYT) is a one-on-one process lasting 50mins to an hour. Through assisted yoga postures, hands-on and hand off postures, exercises, and a non-directive verbal process, our yoga therapist, Swetha Kannan,  guides her clients to experience themselves more fully in mind and body. Using focused awareness, letting go into the moment, breathing, this connection is held and explored, fostering release, personal growth, and healing.

Why would you want a Therapy session?

Anyone can benefit from PRYT sessions given that the client is open to engaging a “process” rather than receiving a “fix”. Some of the conditions the therapy may help with: anxiety, depression, low energy, negative body image, aging, unspecified pain, unmanageable stress, grief recovery, trauma recovery, desire for self-understanding and loss of spiritual connection in daily life.

Swetha is a practitioner in training. She is offering discounted PRYT sessions (through Dec 2017) under the remote guidance of an experienced mentor. She is offering them in exchange for your feedback. 

Current promotion: The first six to contact Swetha will get a free session

What: Yoga therapy sessions

Where: White Swan Yoga Studio                                                                              

Fee: $45 (suggested)

Available slots:


Swetha Kannan